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Autonumbering of Family table instances in Creo


Autonumbering of Family table instances in Creo

When instances are added to the Family Table, I want an auto-generated number to be created for the instances according to the CAD Document auto-numbering scheme (as defined in OIR). The member name for the instances added by the user in the design table should be overwritten by an auto-generated number, according to the existing CAD Document numbering scheme in OIR.

There is one preference : Workgroup Manager Client Family Table Instance Creation Auto Generate Family Table Instance Number

This is only for Autodesk, NX and Solidworks.

Does any similar preference exist for Creo as well?

Any help is appreciated.




Hi Arindam,

If you have autonumbering configured in your OIR, then Creo family table instances will automatically use autonumbering.  No preference required.



Hi Allan,

Thanks for your reply.

My requirement is my own custom auto numbering. I have configured my cad document OIR to use my own custom numbering sequenece with prefix 'C'. however whenever i am creating a new family table with instances, they are not taking up that number from OIR. it is picking up the number from the name provided during creation for the generic and an autogenerated number for all the instances.

I want my generic and all the corresponding instances to follow my own numbering scheme as defined in the OIR.

I have added below entry in the OIR for my numbering:

<!-- set the number to a generated number -->

               <AttrValue id="number" algorithm="com.ptc.windchill.enterprise.revisionControlled.server.impl.NumberGenerator">




<!-- specify AttrConstraint tag -->

<AttrConstraint id="number" algorithm="com.ptc.core.rule.server.impl.GatherAttributeConstraints">

           <Value algorithm="com.ptc.core.rule.server.impl.GetServerAssignedConstraint"/>

           <Value algorithm="com.ptc.core.rule.server.impl.GetImmutableConstraint"/>


Any further help will be appreciated.



Hi there, there is an OIR for EPMDocument that drives CAD autonumbers but there is also one called EPMTablet I think. I think that this is the one that you need to configure for your FT to autonumber. I'm not going to test my theory as I don't want to break my system and I'm having issues with our test environment, but I'm fairly certain that is the piece that is missing.


Same issue for me too WC 11.1

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Did you find a way to do that ??

I'm really interted by 



Hello Seb ! 

The autonumbering of family tables is managed by the OIR of the EPM Document type.

I had the same problem while staying on the CAD Document object.