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Cabling Flattening Multi-conductor cables using MFG/Harness


Cabling Flattening Multi-conductor cables using MFG/Harness


15/Mar/2004 9:52

This is a question that is only for those ProE users of the Cabling

I am trying to flatten a cable using the MFG/Harness function. This seems
to work just fine until I try to flatten a multiple conductor cable.

Here's what I've done.

This cable has a multiple-entry port connector on each end, connected by a
3-conductor jacketed cable, with red, white, and black conductors.

I created a coordinate system offset by 8 MM from the entry ports of the

I routed between these coordinates using the route/whole cable function.

Then I routed the three conductors from each end of the cable to each
connector using the route/conductor function.

I now have a cable assembly which shows a single thick cable between the
two connectors which fans out to the individual entry ports on each
connector with a single red, white, and black wire.

The problem I'm having is when I try to flatten this out. I pick a
connector to start from, pick either the wire location point on the entry
port, or the wire point where the individual wires break out of the cable,
and all I get is the connector on the end with the three colored wires. I
don't get the cable or the connector on the other end.

Does anyone have a suggested technique for doing this?

Phillip Kukelhan
Mechanical Designer
Powerware Corporation
3201 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh NC 27616
Phone: 919-878-6020
Fax: 919-878-2385
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