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Check out Time for Intralink


Check out Time for Intralink


I was curious on the average check out and check in times people are getting
for say a 20-30 simple part assembly. I feel the 5-6 minutes I just went
through for checking out one assembly with 24 total components is long. I
have watched my task manager and what I get is from 30-50% cpu usage while
this is happening (xenon with hyperthreading) with 0 % network activity
then a quick network 80-90% spike and then everything is done. I would
think that there would be more network communication than cpu usage. Is
there something I can set to speed this process up? Any suggestions would
be appreciated.


Ron Rich

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Keithley Instruments, Inc.

28775 Aurora Road

Cleveland, OH 44139

440-498-2954 PH

440-498-2890 FX

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