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Conversions (summary)


Conversions (summary)

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies, listed below. It seems like a straight
conversion from a Solidworks part into a ProE part, while maintaining
model integrity, isn't possible. Reply #5 is interesting and may be worth
looking into for some. Reply #7 is from Ptc. It looks like the Import Data
Doctor is for clean up but doesn't bring back features. The link attached
to reply #7 may also be worth looking into. For us, it's a matter of
getting outside files in Solidworks that we need in Pro. For now, it's
only a few dozen parts, so we'll most likely re-model them in Pro. At
least we have either Pdf's or Solidworks drawings to use rather then just
an iges, Stp, etc file. For those with many, many files to convert, I
imagine there are businesses that offer conversion services.


Original question

In regard to converting Solidworks files into Pro, I understand exporting
a neutral file like Iges, Step, DXF, etc. and importing it into Pro/e
gives you a dumb part. But has anyone ever tried tools like Pro/Interface
and Import Data Doctor (IDDO) to clean up the part geometry and
save/restore features. I'm not familiar with either of them and am just
curious as to how they work and what the end result is.


1. I have yet to see any conversion software that will give you the model
tree back. They can call their conversion anything they want but it is
still a dumb part

2.You know it's too bad that PTC has not come up with a tool yet to take a
dumb solid object and turn some of the shapes in this object into a
I realize that you will not be able to much with an advanced object, but
to do some simple things like moving or resizing a hole.
Select the feature surfaces RMB convert to feature.

3. As far as I know you can clean up errant geometry, but the features are
lost forever. Can't be retrieved.
Solidworks is able to import a native ProE file, usually in a format
that's one generation older than the current. It didn't always work well
(some features would have to be redefined), but at least it was one way to
try to save some feature information. I do not know if this is still a
good option within Solidworks. I think the ProE export feature just
creates a neutral file with no feature info.

4. IDDO only allows you to fix the geometry after you import it. It does
not allow you to bring in features. And I believe Pro/interface is just
module that allows the import to begin with. I don?t think that does
features either.

5. Look at Proficiency Gateway if you?re open to a high dollar feature
based translation with healing capabilities.

6. The import data doctor is to repair the imported file. It will not
any model tree or features for you it will be 1 feature import. that is
all. as far as the interface goes not sure how that works, I use the IDDO
on a lot of my customer files. I tell everyone if possible to send either
step format or x_t parasolid, Iges file just SUX.

7. use tools like Pro/Interface and Import Data Doctor (IDDO) to clean up
the part geometry and save/restore features.
Also you can consider a company like (a
partner of PTC) to migrate the parts in batches.

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