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Creating labels on parts using .jpg images


Creating labels on parts using .jpg images

We are trying to create labels for our machines using a part, which is
just an extruded rectangle, and applying a decal or texture to it from
the Colors and Appearance dialog. Everything works fine when it is
created, but after closing the session of Pro, starting a new one and
opening the part, the image is gone. Looking back at the Colors and
Appearance dialog, the decal box is still checked, but it can't find the

We have the pro_texture_library and texture_search_path set to the
loadpoint (C:\PTC\ProEWildfire), and all of the images are in the
subdirectory (...\graphic-library\textures).

Anyone have any idea why they aren't showing up? Thanks in advance.

Jeffrey Cowan
Mechanical Engineer, Machinery Operations
MiTek Industries, Inc.
Phone: (314) 851-8461
Fax: (314) 298-3439

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Re: Creating labels on parts using .jpg images

The way to do this is to change the default value of save_texture_with_model to YES.