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Creo elements pro 5.0 cabling (questions) - SUMMARY


Creo elements pro 5.0 cabling (questions) - SUMMARY

Thanks for 2 great responses to:

Cable Meisters,

I just want to do some simple cable routing in Creo elements pro 5.0

What happened to create wire or cable, etc.

Does everything have to be designated now?

I used to create harness>create spool>create wire. Then I would route
using features. Not entry ports and such since I had no matrix to




Everything is done from the route tool, (creation of wires, spools etc.

When you route the wire simply right click and choose add location.

I have attached a movie showing the technique using Creo 2.0 which can
also be applied to WF5

(short mp4 attached, not sure if its going to be to big to attach)


The interface should be much easier and flexible to use now but it is a
shift from how it was done in WF4.

The new routing method primarily aims for you to do point-to-point
routing between entry points. You can then insert intermediate locations
on the wire/cable to define the path, unless a network is present in
which case it will auto-route for you.

You need to do Insert>Route Cables (or just choose Route Cables in the
toolbar on the right) and in the 'Route Cables' dialog you can then
create new wires or cables. Once the wire is created the From and To
collectors will become available for you to connect the ends of the wire
between connectors.

Once the end points are defined it will just create a simple route
between them or if a network is present it will automatically route via
the network (switchable using Route Type drop-down). You can also follow
other cables by choosing 'Follow cable' in the Route Type drop-down.

However, you can click RMB on the From or To collector and choose Add
Location to define an endpoint that is not on an entry port. The Route
Cables tool will pause (become grayed out) while the Insert Locations
tool is active. You can easily create a free location and click MMB to
accept. The same can be done for the To end as well.

Once you click OK on the Route Cables dialog you can then select on the
routed cable and RMB>Insert Locations to define the intermediate
locations. With the cable selected you can also RMB>Edit Segment to move
those locations - just mouse over a location and a drag handle appears
allow you to easily modify the route.

There's lots more to it but they're the fundamentals!

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