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DXF output added to CADDS viewer


DXF output added to CADDS viewer

Do You...
a.. Need a convenient way to view CADDS 5 or 4X drawings ?
b.. Need to import CADDS drawings into another CAD System ?
c.. Still use CADDS 4X or CADDS 5 ?
DraftView for CADDS®

DraftView is a low-cost view, print and markup tool that reads
CADDS 4X and CADDS 5 designs directly, without requiring the
CAD system. The software also supports viewing of DWG, DXF,
CGM, HPGL, JPG and other formats, and the ability to Save As
DXF, TIFF, JPEG, Sun Raster and X11. Drawings can also be
exported as PDF and HPGL by using Windows printer drivers.

DraftView now features a "Save As DXF" option
for exporting CADDS drawings into DXF format.

Since 1988...

Draftware Inc began offering viewing solutions for
Computervision CAD users in 1988, with the release of
DraftView for Personal Designer. DraftView is now widely
used by large and small companies, worldwide, in over 30

For more details or to try a DraftView demo, visit us at:

** You have received this email because you had
expressed interest in our products in the past. This
is meant to be a one-time mailing. We apologize if
you have received this email in error or in duplicate **
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RE: DXF output added to CADDS viewer

Where is the joke?

Oh, that was sent Thursday night, carry on....