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Generic Drawing with a Drawing Instance??


Generic Drawing with a Drawing Instance??

I've got a real head scratcher for you. I was not sure if I should put
this in Model or Datamanagement. We'll start here.

My client is working in PDM3.7, and a real early build of 2001(2001280)
with no plans to pay maintenance for upgrades. They are going to another
CAD system.

I have a drawing with a sub-assembly associated with it that was probably
created in 2000i and placed in PDM several years ago. It has undergone
several versions (1.0 to 1.9). At version 1.6, an instance of the drawing
was place in PDM! How can this be? As you can't have a generic drawing
with an instance that I know of in Pro/E or PDM.

I fetched the drawing and made a change. When I try to resubmit the
drawing, it drags along this drawing (instance). Of course PDM say's no
can do with database errors, etc.

So I created a new drawing (filename_test.drw) and merged the bad one in,
and I can submit that in PDM no problem and no instances. Great. I'll
rename the bad one "_bad" and rename the new one as the drawing number.
Nope...I get database inconsistencies and errors. I've tried to delete
versions, Delete all versions, remove the dependency, rename, and trying
to force (over-ride) the new drawing as 1.10. All have had the same issue
of Database errors and it also has locked up PDM at the server with
TR_SAVE history directories, requiring me to delete them and sometimes
start and stop the processes. A look at the PDM logs shows that it
recognizes this as a generic drawing and flags (invalid type for Generic
and instance).

I've also tried to simulate this on two drawings in PDM by adding
dependencies. They show up as "USER DEFINED" and are breakable. This
problem drawing is dependency is "GENERIC" and "INSTANCE" for the sub

It appears this sourced from Pro/E. How I don't know. Also, every time
I've done a Database checkup, it has crashed the server. This database is
on its last leg unfortunately. I need to keep it alive until the end of
the year.

I've search everywhere in both Pro/E and PDM on how to create, or remove
this situation with no luck. The Client does not have PTC support and
since it's related to PDM, I don't think they would really want to look at
it in depth.

Has anyone ever seen a drawing that is a generic and a drawing under it as
an instance? Any ideas of how to delete it from the system? We don't
mind loosing the old revisions as long as the new file functions.


Scott Blackman
Blackman Designs

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