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I'd like to get in contact with anyone that uses RSD


I'd like to get in contact with anyone that uses RSD

ASME is investigating the step towards 3D cable definition and routing

We have a rather large history that we'd like to not loose.
The following plan has been defined.

Convert the history schematics (ACAD14) to ACAD Electrical 2006
export ACAD Electrical 2006 to xml

Import XML in RDS

In the past 1..5 years I've seen several demo's of Pro/Cabling Diagram
harness etc etc
Also I saw a demo at the last Pro/E userday in the Netherlands.
I have a high level view of what possible

Thus far I ordered the RSD cd at PTC
I'm now fighting the licenses the I need to get it up and running (RDS Lite

I'm confident that I can import the XML from ACAD2006 into DRS
But do not have the skills to take it from there

I'd like to get in contact with any that uses RSD
maybe to share experiences
maybe to assist me in my trail (cost $$)
maybe to assist me locally in my trial

please reponds to me directly

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Check out this website:

Also see the Routed Systems Technical
Committee page on for a startup kit i just finished uploading.
Gives the real basics for RSD and Pro/Cable. email me if you
find any issues. It is written for Wildfire.

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<td bgcolor="white">Pete Pickett II

Design Engineer

Office: 405.743.6737

Fax: 405.743.5379


<td bgcolor="white">Mercury Marine

Marine Products and Services

3003 N. Perkins Road

Stillwater, OK 74075 USA

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07/07/2005 07:54 AM
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get in contact with anyone that uses RSD

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Check out this website:


It has a forum specifically for
RSDesigner. The people in this forum are very helpful.

John Suyes, PE

Design and Development Engineer

Hill Phoenix
Dover Company

1925 Ruffin Mill Road

Colonial Heights, VA 23834

(804) 451-2455

(804) 526-1926 fax



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I'm the CAD Admin supervisor for Panasonic Avionics Corp.  We have implemented WF4.0 + Pro|CABLING + RSD + ModelCHECK + Windchill 9.1.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, that I am able, and give you any impressions I've gotten over the years.