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Increasing number of element in design


Increasing number of element in design

My analysis using Pro/M is not converged, i am thinking about
increasing number of element on my design. But as far as i know, Pro/M
integrated mode auto generate mesh for you using AutoGEM, thus give you no
control on size, shape and number of element generated. How to control
these element in Pro/M integrated mode? Please advise

Soon Tong

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Volume and surface regions enable mesh refinement. Now in WF2, you now have
several other controls, like seeding curves with forced node points.

Assuming you have taken the earlier advice, and are not chasing a
singularity the best way is to change the AutoGem/Settings/Limits Tab.

The default is 5-175 degree angles , 30:1 aspect and 95 deg edge turn.
I nearly always change to 10/170/30/46, this means you will always get 2
elements around a 90deg arc, and better shaped elements.
After you try this you can add the manual controls.


And of course you can always change your element mesh settings!

If you change edge and surf angles from 5<x<175 to=" 15<x<165=" then=" you=" get<br="/>many more elements.

Likewise decreasing aspect ratio from 30 to ~10, and edge turn angle from 90
to 45

But that a bit of a shotgun approach. So Marty's suggested use of Volume
Regions is more targetted and efficient.

David Reid
Optima Design Services