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Intralink 3.4 Dataserver on Windows XP


Intralink 3.4 Dataserver on Windows XP

Just thought I would ask if anyone has been successful in loading and
running an Intralink fileserver and dataserver on Windows XP. The docs
on the PTC website state that it is only supported on Windows 2000 SP4
and Windows Server 2003. They jumped right over XP. I need to upgrade
from Intralink 3.3 and my company requires that we lease our computers
and all they come loaded with is XP. We are not allowed to change the
operating system so a downgrade to 2000 is out and I am not allowed to
purchase or lease a computer with Windows 2003 server installed.

If this is totally out of the question then I will fall back on
upgrading a five year old computer with Windows 2000 and using it but I
would like to be able to use a better platform for this application.


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Windows XP does not come in a server version.
You need a server version of the OS for Pro/Intralink.
Windows 2000 was available in both workstation and server versions.
You really should lobby to get your company to allow you to use Windows
Server 2003 for this.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
Engineering Automation Systems
L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems
Waco, TX 76715



It has been several years since I used Pro/Intralink, so I suggest verifying
the requirements for running Pro/Intralink on Win XP to see if it is
possible. I know that I can run DDM on Windows XP Pro which I use as an
alternative to Pro/Intralink.

DesignDataManager (DDM) can run on Windows XP Pro (limited to 10
connections) if .NET Framework & Internet Information Services (IIS) is
installed. For running the database on a desktop/laptop or small server, it
requires the installation of MS SQL 2005 Express

To all. I have received many comments. Most say that you must have a
server OS to run Intralink. If this is true then PTC does not state so
on their website. They only state that Windows 2000 SP4 is required or
Windows 2003 Server. We are currently run Intralink 3.3 on Windows 2000
SP4 (non-server edition) with no problems.

On another point, many suggested that our company should supply the OS
no matter what. The problem we have is that to get a computer with
Windows 2003 Server requires the centralized IT group to purchase it,
own it, manage it, etc. This would be great if this did not mean no
activity on this project for about 2 years due to lack of resources. We
have another group who migrated to PDM/Link 8.0 and have been suffering
weekly and daily problems with check in and check outs. They cannot get
IT to even commit to moving to a new build number to solve these
problems as PTC says is needed.

I am sadly proceeding with replacing the motherboard in a 5 year old
computer and loading Windows 2000 SP4. Even though this process is not
the most desirable it will work and I can actually get something done in
the next month instead of the next year or two.