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Layer Consolidation


Layer Consolidation

I am using Creo Parametric 4.0 M130

I need help with Layer Management. How to capture all layers being used by users into 1 layer configuration to be used by everyone.


Ahhh, that's all you man, we have no idea what your users are doing.  You'll need to set them up in your start models.  What I CAN suggest is using "Rules-based" layers instead of the junk "default" layer types.

Layer Rules - PTC Community

I do have a start model that i have set up. I use "Rules-based" layers. The question is how do i consolidate - Legacy - models into my newly created rules?

In the powerpoint presentation (someone else did) it shows where you can "Extend Rules" downward from an assembly.  So, create an assembly start model with the rules-based layers you want.  Use this to create a temp assembly.  Insert a big assembly into this temp assembly, delete ALL the layers you don't want in all the subassemblies and parts.  Then highlight all the rules-based layers at the temp assembly, and "Extend Rules".  This will create all selected layers (with their rules) in ALL the subassemblies and parts, and automatically put all relevant items on these layers.  Do 2 regens to make sure all the parts at the very bottom are affected.  Go down to the big assembly you inserted in the temp assembly (not the temp assembly itself) and save the layer status (shown/hidden), then save that assembly (and sub-models).  Delete that assembly from the top temp assembly, and repeat as needed.  It works awesome!

Oh, and make sure to delete the lines in your files that create these garbage "default" layers or you'll just get a bunch of them and it'll interfere with the rules-based layers.

Not an easy task.

I believe you would have to manually update all of the legacy models.

  • Save layer template files and import them into each model.  Unfortunately the rules do not save with the file.  You could probably setup mapkeys to generate the rules.
  • Populate the new layers from the old layers.
  • Delete the old layers.

Model Check could then be used to "police" the layers allowed in the models.

There is always more to learn in Creo.
22-Sapphire I

Actually, see above, it's actually pretty easy, if perhaps a mite time-consuming to delete layers if there are a ton of different layers.  Still easy though, WAY better than having to create them all manually.

23-Emerald II

Somewhere on this community is a post that talks about how to automatically propagating layer rules down to all components (models) in an assembly.  Holler if you need help finding it...

Yes, this is where im playing at right now. 



i hope this does the trick for all legacy & new.