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Merge Feature is breaking up.


Merge Feature is breaking up.

Hello Guru's,

We are having a problem with some merge features and wanted to know if
anyone out there has experienced this problem. We have an assembly with
two models (Components). We merge one into the other. Now we have a
model with the geometry of both. This model shows the merge feature on the
model tree. Everything is looking good.

If we make a change to the reference model, it will update the merge
feature in the other. This is a common practice that has been accomplished
for years. Here is where it get's crazy. I have a user that is having
modeling issues. When I look at this model, the merge feature has been
broken up into separate features that make up the reference model. So if
the reference model has 20 features. The model with the merge feature in
it now has all it's features plus the 20 features of the merge.

The merge feature itself is missing from the model tree but is now broken
up into separate features.

This will defeat the purpose of using the merge function. Has anyone out
there experienced this problem? If so, what is going on? Is it a bug or
something my user is doing?

If this is user error, I can't figure out how my user is actually causing
it to happen and neither do they.

Any help would be appreciated.


Damián Castillo
CAD & Administration Manager
Engineering Department
Hensley Industries, Inc.

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