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Multiple Intralink users on one PC?


Multiple Intralink users on one PC?

I need some suggestions on how to set up a PC for multiple intralink users. One is part time, the other a consultant.

Each user has their own log in. I'd like each user to have their own .proi folder and Local.ddb.

Any suggestions?

Dave Haigh

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Easy Day!

We use the default location for installing Pro/Intralink
3.4(C:\ptc\proiclient3.4), and also put all other PTC products under the
C:\PTC folder, C:\PTC\proeWildfire2.0, C:\PTC\mechWildfire2.0, etc...This is
modified in each of the installations.

For security reasons we setup a USER folder on the D:\ drive if possible.
Under Windows Preferences of the Pro/I installation we set the Startup
Directory to D:\USER\%USERNAME%. %USERNAME% is a system variable which is
the person logged in. You will have to create a file for each user, and also
delete the system created D:\USER\%USERNAME%.(Yes it actually creates the
folder!) Under each username they will have their .proi folder. This can be
done from ~\proiclient3.4\Bin\ptcsetup.bat.

You will have to change the Pro/E Startup Directory in Windows Preferences
to D:\USER\%USERNAME%, and also for PTC OLE Server Startup Directory & Start
Search Directory. You must also change the Structural & Thermal Simulation
Startup Directory in Windows Preferences to D:\USER\%USERNAME%. Both of
these applications can be modified in their respective Bin\ptcsetup.bat

Oh! You will also have to set your PDM_LDB_PATH to D:\USER\%USERNAME%.

This also works on the C:\ drive, but is more secure on the D:\.

Hope this helps,
Tony Stevens
ArvinMeritor CVS
CAD/CAE Analyst