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New ECAD Tools


New ECAD Tools

New products are available from Simplified Solutions Inc. that streamline the often tedious process of generating a geometrially accurate PCB with 3D Pro/Engineer models. Please visit us at:

All yearly subscriptions include:

-A large library of 3D electrical components modeled in Pro/Engineer

-Matching IDF component outlines for all models. These oulines have identical geometry in the "X" and "Y" directions and identical orientation to the 3D models. These files can be imported into your ECAD tools for use by your electrical teams.

-Our Hint Map Tool

1. The tool grabs required information from your EMN Files.
2. Simplifies the information to a tabular format that is easy to work with.
3. Allows you choose replacement 3D models either from our library of components or from existing models at your company.
4. Downloads your unique file along with any chosen 3D models from our site.

The above tools consistently saves the user a huge amount of time in generating PCBs in Pro/Engineer. Users can often populate 90%+ of their PCB Components with 3D models in under an hour. This task often takes days without the tools.

I would be happy to extend a short evaluation period to our members area for any users that may truly be interested in our products.

For additional information, please visit our site or contact myself at the number below.


Keith Richman
Simplified Solutions Inc.

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