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Pro-Diagram Custom Connectors


Pro-Diagram Custom Connectors

Hello All,

I have 2 questions:

1st question:
We are using custom Multi-View connectors created from parametric
connectors. We have an situation where someone has done a save as
on a diagram. We have stripped out most of the previous diagram info. with
the exception of renaming a few symbol names which I am not sure how to
do without replacing the symbol. Which is the case with a few single view
custom connectors. All the info is Ok on the diagram and the wirelist
The diagram is just holding on to the old symbol names. not worth but so
much trouble.

2nd question:
One of the multiview connectors is broken into 3 views. One is just spares
to the side. I need to use some of the spares now and add a few pins to one
of the other connectors. Normally I would add and remove nodes. In this
case when I redefine the symbol the pin sequence changes when in the symbol
to an incorrect sequence & pins that do not even exist in the partial
connector view. I have seen this once before when someone else had worked
on a diagram.
I am not sure how it what was done. The last time I just re-created the
multiview connector. This seems like too much extra work, their must be a
way to correct the pins.


Douglas Bowles/Sr. Mechanical Designer
[DKBowles & Assoc. Inc.]
C/O Raytheon Missile Systems Co.
Advanced Programs Dept.
Bldg 808, Col. L3, K0257,
phone 520.794-1935
cell 520.490-9395

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Hi Doug. You know, Routed Systems Designer would handle this whole situation
a lot better. Have
You looked in to flipping to RSD from Pro/Diagram?

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