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I could probably clarify that a little further.

A Body In White (BIW) is the entire sheetmetal of a vehicle including all of the exterior sheetmetal as well as framerails, floor pan, crossmembers, bumper supports, etc. This term applies to production bodies as well.
The amusing thing is I have never seen a BIW that is actually white. They are typically a gray primer color.

Picture a vehicle with all of the sheetmetal components that are welded together prior to painting. Typically when I order a BIW from one of the auto manufacturers, I also receive the doors, hood, rear hatch etc. but not the hardware to fasten those components to the vehicle with a couple of exceptions (sometimes the hood will be bolted to the hinges).

The big question is WHAT VEHICLE is he looking for a BIW of? That would typically be a pretty large file and I'm sure proprietary information.


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It would be even better if the individuals that replied to the posted
questions replied to the forum and not directly to the person asking the
question. Then anyone could put together a summary.


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Not to add fuel to the fire or take this too far off topic but this
exact thing crossed my mind this morning when I read the posts. There
are almost never any summaries posted by some and the balance of
give/take seems heavily weighted toward take.

I may be off the mark here but I am wondering if the lack of summaries
is related to the poor linguistic skills of said offenders? Not that
mine is all that great mind you. It seems some people (not all) overseas
have a hard enough time cobbling the words together to ask their
question, let alone edit and format a summary for all of us. (when I say
poor linguistic skills I am referring to written English as applied to
this email exploder, some may speak wonderfully in their native

It would be very nice as you said if they would post a summary, even if
it was only a "copy & paste" summary.

No backlash from me and I have no ill feelings toward foreigners in
general. If you're going to participate in this system though you should
be willing to share any knowledge you gain with the rest. That is, after
all, the whole point of this, isn't it?

I'll quit while I'm ahead.


--- wrote:
> i guess you understand waht i need to know (Mentioned in the
> Subject).

Refer to this wikipedia web page for a description:


Disclaimer: Although I currently work in a derivative of the
"automotive" industry, the platform architecture of our products is
radically different from what's developed for the consumer market.

In a generic sense, I've always thought of body-in-white as the final
chassis weldment for a uni-body (also seen referred to as unit-body) or a
body-on-frame automotive platform for the consumer market (where the BIW
definition only applies to the body/cab element in the body-on-frame
scenario and not the underlying chassis/framework). That would be prior to
the assembly of doors, quarter panels (fenders), hood (bonnet), trunk
(boot), etc. (more along the lines of the skeletal structure to which
everything is assembled).

Wikipedia contradicts my perception:

BTW: Google often proves to be an excellent research tool when key
words/terms are known.


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If my memory serves me right, didn't a post comes through the other day
in what I took to be German. Made interesting reading to me and I could
get about 70% of it. Personally, I always marvel at the vocabulary of
the foreign( not native English speakers) posters - I know precious
little of their languages except French (but no-one except the Canadians
use that). Now if Pradip was to cut and paste all the replies he has
had/will get, it's going to be a long post.
BTW is English the designated language of Prouser because if it is based
on users, we might all be replying in Indian or Chinese soon?