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RE: mold digest: September 02, 2004


RE: mold digest: September 02, 2004

We have both Pro/Engineer and Solid Works. We use Pro/Engineer with
Expert Mold Base Extension (EMX) exclusively for mold design. Our main
purpose for having Solid Works is to make changes to our customer's
parts. I have used Solid Works enough to say I would never want use it
for a mold design. Solid Works really lacks in surfacing functionality.
When creating an extruded surface in Solid Works there is no option for
putting a cap surface on the ends like in Pro-e. An additional surface
must be created, and then knitted (merged) to the original. Also when
knitting surfaces together there is no functionality for trimming the
unused ends off. The edges of the surfaces must match exactly before
they are knitted. As you already know Pro-e will do the merge and trim
off the unused ends. Solid Works process for splitting is all done in
part mode based off the reference part, no assemblies are used for the
splitting process. With that type of splitting process, I not too sure
you could leverage a start assembly, every new design would need to
start from scratch. It seems as their splitting process is bottom up
design instead of top down. Also from the little I have seen of their
mold base software I-Mold it does not seem to have as many options as
Expert Mold Base Extension (EMX). I think both software's are just as
easy to learn the basics but in the long run Pro-e has more
functionality. Just my opinion, but the only reason you would want to
use Solid Works is if you wanted the job too take twice as long.

Andy A
Donatelle Plastics, Inc.

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