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RE: [pro-user] Re: Layers...What a mess!


RE: [pro-user] Re: Layers...What a mess!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could group layers like you can group feature
or parts on the model tree?

"Eric Hill" <->
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08/24/2006 12:44 PM
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Subject: [model] RE: [pro-user] Re: Layers...What a mess!


The reason for the separate ?default datums? and ?other datums? layers is
to allow the user to turn off the datum features that are always present
in any part, and view only the datum features that have been created to
drive the model. The key is that the default datums are NOT on the ?all
datums? layer in the start part.

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While we are on this layer discussion I might add, I have found no value
for empty layers. I have seen parts with all the layers in place and a that automatically populates them. If I am looking for a copy
geom and I click the copy_geom layer I see maybe 15 parts out of 1500 in
my top assembly that show up. If I had a copy_geom layer in every part I
would have to scroll down through 1500 parts to find my copy geom I was
looking for. So any layer that is empty I delete. Proe creates one
automatically when I create the feature.

Gerald Lanz
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Huntsville, AL