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Re: Global Parameter or Global X-Refs


Re: Global Parameter or Global X-Refs

Once again, this email exploder has proved to be invaluable.
Thanks to all who replied.
The solution turned out to be a lot simpler than I had anticipated.

First create a part parameter (to control a dimension for example).
Create the relations at the assembly level. You need to use the SESSION ID's for both part
At the "Relations" window, choose "Insert | From List..." menu pick until
you find the part or assembly parameter and Pro/E
automatically generates the code needed for the Session ID. (in WF2)
You can then add the assembly parameter to the family table and drive the
value entered into all associated part parameters.

Tony S Mason wrote:
> Guru's,
> I'm looking to create a global parameter that can be modified by a
> family table column. The idea is to enter an integer value into the
> family table of the top level assembly and have the value propagate down

> to the part level. There will be relations in certain parts that will
> utilize the *single* global parameter within a formula to create the
> necessary part size for the top level assembly.
> Is this possible?
> Regards,
> Tony Mason
> Rockwell Automation
> R & D - Mechanical Designer
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Rockwell Automation Canada
> 135 Dundas Street
> Cambridge, ON N1R 5X1, Canada
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