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Responses to Missing Column from Report


Responses to Missing Column from Report

Thanks for the responses I received on my post of 2/5/07. Here is the
original question and the responses. I'm attaching user Scott Schultz
file that he sent me, which I did not need to use. After logging out
and restarting RSD, I found the saved report file I was using had the
missing column. Go figure.



RSD Users,

I have created a report that reports the Wire Name, From Component, From
Port, To Component, To Port. When I generate the report, I do not see
the To Port column (yes, I scrolled right but still did not see it). As
a matter of fact, if I generate any type of report, for example having
say 5 columns of information the 5th column drops off and is no where to
be seen. Is there a report formatting function I've missed to include
all the columns I'm asking to be reported?

Using RSD Release 6.0, datecode M040



I had this same problem in 6.0 (not sure what build right off hand, but
I am pretty sure it was M040). I recreated the report multiple times
with the same results. I had someone else send me the report that they
created on their machine. When I used this new report, it worked fine.
Once it was working, I just accepted the fact that I had a working
report and moved forward. I do feel there must be a bug in the sw
regarding this feature. I have attached the report I have that works on
my end.

Best Regards,

Scott W. Schultz

Principal Consultant

3D Relief Inc.




I think this is because a 4th column has been added, and you have hit a
UI bug. I have seen when an extra column is added the 5th Colum is
sometimes created with zero width. You may be able to drag the column
separators to see the extra column, if you cannot then save the report
to a .rep file then restart RSD open the report and run it.


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