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Shade view quality bad


Shade view quality bad

Good morning folks!
We are trying to make some shaded views of our models to make some
posters. Some of the files are transparent so you can see internal
parts. When we make a shaded view the quality is pretty bad(useless).
Lots of messy tesselated tringles show randomly. There must be a trick
to getting a good shaded model. I can export a model to eDrawings and it
shades perfect so I know its possible to get a good shaded view. I
cannot use eDrawings because we need a white background. Any ideas?

Gerald Lanz
Teledyne Brown Engineering
Huntsville, AL

WF2 190
ATI Fire GL 3100 PTC certified
XP, 3gig ram

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RE: Shade view quality bad

Here are a few things to try.

1. Try turning off any cosmetic features.

2. Save file as a TIFF. It's got a huge file size, but has the best


RE: Shade view quality bad

I've used Photoshop to do a great job with transparency.

Create one image with the external parts on and a second with the external
parts off.
The trick is to make sure the model does not change apparent size. Component
Display or Style states can be used to ensure no change takes place.

Then bring the two images into a single photoshop image with the
to-be-transparent material overlaying the opaque material and adjust the
transparency to suit.

If desired, one can bring in many image elements and give them any of
numerous effects.
Backgrounds can be changed, neon effects added, color corrections made.

Try Photoshop Elements - free trial