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Summary:Cables in Productview Express


Summary:Cables in Productview Express

Original Question:
Has anyone brought up harnesses in Productview?
I have a harness that I have converted the files to .ed & .ol files
Viewing in Productview and Productview Express.I am not able to select
the checkmark for the harness part in the Product Structure menu for
Is their a different procedure for viewing harnesses in Productview that
I am not aware of?

Productview Express is a web based viewer and will view any pro-e files.
Even the harness part without the assembly.
Not much functionality though, no measurement capabilities, or adding
notes, dimensions. But it is free and anyone can download it.

Productview is a licensed software and has much more functionality.
Although to view Harnesses you have to modify settings.
I have not modified these settings to prove it out.
cable/harness information is not published automatically by the
Pro/ENGINEER Object Adapter. Please edit the CAD Worker recipe file
(<worker_directory>\proe2pv.rcp) with the recipe editor
(\bin\rcpedit.exe). Select the Parameters tab >
Miscellaneous tab > select the Cable check box > #Save > #Exit. Restart
the worker, republish the object, and view it in ProductView

Douglas Bowles/Sr. Mechanical Designer
[DKBowles & Assoc. Inc.]
C/O Raytheon Missile Systems Co.
Advanced Programs Dept.
Bldg M02, Col H5, Cube G0448,
phone 520.794-1935
cell 520.490-9395

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