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Summary: File/Open Dialog Behavior ("pseudo-workaround")


Summary: File/Open Dialog Behavior ("pseudo-workaround")

I am posting this message to let you know my resolution (actually more of a workaround) to this issue...

First, I upgraded to M180, and this didn't resolve the problem.

I decided to use a startup trail file to set the File/Open dialog to always use the "Details" view rather than the "List" view. Not exactly an elegant solution to the problem, but at least now there
is just one column to deal with. I am planning to try this for a while and see if I like it.

If I get a chance, I will probably let PTC know that their suggestion to try M180 was unsuccessful.

Thanks for all the confirmations that this wasn't just me being picky!



Follow-up comments and another question.

I have heard numerous responses of agreement and annoyance, so clearly this is not a limited issue...

Another question: Is there a way to make the default setting to have the File/Open dialog come up in "Details" mode? This is toggled in the dialog with the "Display Configuration" button, but it
only sticks until you restart Pro/E...

Thanks again for all of your responses. I am still waiting for the magical response "Oh yeah - I fixed that by...."!


Hello all,

This is something that has been bothering me ever since we upgraded to WF2...

If I have a drawing open in WF2, and I then click the Open button on the toolbar to open another file, it brings up the File/Open dialog. My setup causes this window to come up in the windows "List
View" where there are multiple columns of files/folders present. If I scroll without clicking in the window (by scrolling the mousewheel, or by dragging the slider to the right), and I then click on
a file or folder that is NOT in the first column (I have 3 columns visible, so this would be clicking in the 2nd or 3rd column), the contents of the dialog will jump over to the left by one column.
This only happens when I have a drawing as the active window when I click the "Open" button. Once this behavior has occurred, it will not happen again until you have left the dialog and gone back
(either by cancelling or just opening a different file later on).

This is very irritating when you try to quickly double click a file to open it, since the first click will pick the file (and everything over to the left by one column), and the second click will
select the file that was immediately to the right of the file that you first clicked (since it is now under the mouse cursor). If you aren't paying attention and you just click that newly selected
file again to open it (or double click it), you end up opening the wrong file.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? I have a call into PTC to see if it is a bug, and they haven't been able to duplicate it. After a few weeks, their suggestion is to try a newer build. I have
made arrangements to get the newest build through our IT group after M181 is released. I am currently on M140.


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