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Summary - How do you create this part in Sheet metal?


Summary - How do you create this part in Sheet metal?

Pro Gurus:

Thank you all for your suggestion and help.

I try to create a part with a least amount of operation i.e stamped the
notches to the sheet metal into a star like shape then formed. With a punch
feature I have to add two addiotional steps, shave off and added chamfer to
the finger tips afterward.

With exception to suggestion #4, most user suggest a punch feature. Which I
already did. This punch feature does not allow to create a flatten pattern
afterward. As mention earlier, the part has to be created with extra
material so the tip of the fingers could be shaved off thus get rid of the
unwanted deformation and if needs be added chamfers. For instance if I
want the height of this part to be .800, instead of offseting the punch part
.675 to the sheet metal part (.675 + .125 thick sheet metal = .800). I need
to offset it .800 and cut off .125 finger tip.

I will look into the suggestion #4 and see if this could be done.

------------ 1 ------------

I would suggest that you use a "punch" to create the extrusion. Then use a
cut to create the reminding geometry. Do you have the collapsibility to
make such a part?

------------ 2 ------------

with the curves in the fingers sticking up, you are going to have to use a
form feature, which means if you don't already know what the flat looks
like, this will not help you get an accurate flat.

------------ 3 ------------

put the punch features in the die model and highlight the face surfaces for

------------ 4 ------------

You should be able to create it with a flange feature. You also might be
able to do it with a flat plate with patterned notches which would give
you the added benefit of a reference pattern.

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 11:50 AM, Frank Giovani <->

> Pro Gurus:
> I would like to create a part in sheet metal (see attached picture) using
> WF3 build M090 in such a way that I will be able to create a flatten pattern
> for fabrication and detailing purpose.
> Either a die or punch create an unexpected deformation at the corners of
> the spokes. What am I missing?
> My punch part is a simple cylinder .675" height X ø3.03 OD.
> The requirements for this part is ø3.3 OD X .125" thick X .800" height
> with 7 spokes.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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