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Suppressed child missing from model

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Suppressed child missing from model

I have a couple of models that appear to have relation references that aren't really there.

If you look at the <rc><info><feature> in the model treeofa sub assembly from the model and look under the 'children' window there are items that show up as suppressed. Not in the BOM, can't find them in the tree, can't find them with find (CNTL-F). It's like these traces were left over from a restructureor a delete from higher up in the layout structure model tree. I relly don't know how this could happen, seems like abug but I'm not sure I could recreate it if if tried. IDO want to fix it. In 2001, you could delete by componentID (these ghost objects do have IDs but not item nunbers). I've opened a ticket and sent the files but I know this group has the answer. Who knows how to fix this wierd problem with left over dead bagage?

TIA, Scott Rockwell

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If you have an Advanced Assembly Extension or an Enterprise License, you can use Info>Global Reference Viewer on the top level assembly to troubleshoot old relation references. It may be caused by an external reference in a sketched feature, and the viewer will show you exactly what feature that is.

Hi all,

In regard to assy drawings, we have a user who would like to have the
entire BOM (repeat region) on the first sheet of the drawing, while
showing exploded views of only certain sub-assy's/components (and their
respective balloons) on the following sheets, with the balloons all
reporting to the repeat region on the first sheet. Simplified reps won't
work, and I think the only solution is to blank the sub-assy's/components
that he doesn't want to show in a particular view.
There's also the STYLE functionality under View Manager, but I don't
believe that can be translated over to drawings.

I have no problem with blanking/hiding components in drawing mode, but was
just wondering if that was the only option.


Hi Stefan,

Check the attached mail from the exploder, this looks to be what your