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View CADDS 5/4X drawings


View CADDS 5/4X drawings

Need a convenient way to view CADDS 5 or 4X drawings?

DraftView for CADDS®

DraftView is a low-cost view, print and markup tool that reads
CADDS 4X and CADDS 5 designs directly, without requiring the
CAD system. The software also supports viewing of DWG, DXF,
CGM, HPGL, JPG and other formats, and the ability to Save As
TIFF, JPEG, Sun Raster and X11. It is also possible to export
drawings in PDF and HPGL format using 3rd party printer drivers.

Complete Support for Dimensions and Text Entities.

The number of products that can view CADDS directly can be
counted on one hand. Of these, DraftView is the only viewer
that supports all CADDS entities, including dimensions and
text entities.
We believe the ability to view and print draw mode
dimensions and text is useful -- don't you agree?

DraftView supports Model mode entities in full 3D Model Views,
as well as 2D Draw and Detail mode entities. Both Explicit and
Parametric entities are supported.

For details and pricing go to:

** You have received this email because you had
expressed interest in our products in the past. This
is meant to be a one-time mailing. We apologize
if you have received this email in error **
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Re: View CADDS 5/4X drawings


Yes, it will be. Not to say that ProductView is not a fine product,
or that it does not have specific advantages, however, our product is
much less expen$ive, has been around much longer than ProductView,
and supports the types of CADDS text and dimension entities that
ProductView does not.. Why not try a DraftView demo?

-Steve Huffman
Draftware Inc.

Re: View CADDS 5/4X drawings

I will say on Steve's behalf it does work well.
With only three users of CADDS5 out there I am surprised he isn't very rich by now...


Re: View CADDS 5/4X drawings

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this message. Please let
me know of any other group that I should join for this. I am looking for a
Component level designer who has used Allegro. It's for one of our clients
at San Jose, CA. Please let me know if you know of anyone who may be

I can be reached at 408-292-7700 x 203.

Strataserv Inc.