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Wildfire 3 -- New Place UDF Interface


Wildfire 3 -- New Place UDF Interface

Since we've been talking about the "improvements" in the Wildfire 3.0
interface (the new assembly dashboard), I'd like to bring up the new
"place UDF" interface. Like the new assembly dashboard, this seems like a
step backwards from previous versions.

The main issue is that the new interface doesn't intuitively guide the
user through the "place UDF" process. In Wildfire 3.0 the user has to
stumble through a new tabbed dialog box and look for the appropriate
inputs. In previous versions, the system guided the user through the
entire process and prompted the user for each input.

A second issue, although minor, is the increased mouse travel required to
place a UDF. Now the user has to travel between the new and improved
tabbed dialog box and the part during feature creation. In previous
version the user could basically leave the mouse on the part geometry and
provide all necessary inputs.

Does anyone know of any ways to "fix" this new interface. I tried
re-creating a UDF in Wildfire 3.0, but it didn't seem to help. Is there a
secret mouse button option that would help cycle through the required
inputs? How about the old standby-- a option to bring back the
old interface?

I posted (2) videos to as examples. The quality (and size
of video) didn't turn out as expected, but it might still be helpful.

Wildfire 2.0 UDF Video

Wildfire 3.0 UDF Video

Thanks in advance for any help,
Chris Ordeneaux
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That, as I see it, is the whole problem with this new UI on Wildfailure.
There are too many mouse click combinations and other required inputs
that aren't communicated to the user. And if you miss them, you're out
of luck. This seems to especially apply with respect to selecting
chains of edges for rounds and sweeps.

Wouldn't it make sense for features to work as follows: If you have
geometry selected and you initiate a feature, the feature acts upon the
selected geometry (I believe this is usually the case). But, if you
haven't selected the required geometry, the feature should explicitly
prompt you for it, restricting your picks to the geometry type required
(don't let me select a plane if a curve is required). And if there are
"advanced" options to the feature, put them under an advanced tab.
Don't make them hidden because I wasn't standing on my head when I
<ctrl><shift> right-clicked on something.

(Notice, I didn't use the SW word)

Bill Schmid
CAD Designer
Cadillac, MI <http:"/>

Pro/E 2001, ver. 2001360 (but carefully examining WF3)
No Intralink
WinXP, SP 2
Dell Precision 360
3.2 GHz Pentium 4, 2 Gig RAM
Nvidia Quadro FX 1000
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