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Conversion string -> int in relations


Conversion string -> int in relations

Hello everybody,
is there a way to convert a string parameter value into the corrispondent
integer value within a relation.
I explain: we have a string parameter that actually contains an integer,
and we have to use this integer to perform some computations in a relation.
I expected to use something like this
MY_VALUE = atoi(STR_PARAM) + 10

We are using Pro/ENGINEER 2001.


RE: Conversion string -> int in relations

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RE: Conversion string -> int in relations

Thank you all very much... but I'm afraid I wasn't clear.

This is not a Pro/TOOLKIT program. It's the Pro/E tool for setting up
relations between parameters and/or built-in measure. You can see it
opening a part or an assembly and clicking on "Relations" on the menu and
then "Show Relations" or "Edit relations".

Here, the designer could specify that the value of some parameter is the
result of the evaluation of a expression, written in a very simple language
that looks vaguely like C. Every line is in the form


In these expressions you can use some built-in functions, other parameters
and some other stuff. I'm not a designer, I am a programmer, so I'm not so
sure of what you can do and what you can not do...

My question was about that: in these environment does a function like the C
atoi() exist?


At 14.