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Looking for a CAD users housekeeping guide


Looking for a CAD users housekeeping guide

Hi Everyone,

First off I am not a CAD user but I do need to create a cheat sheet to send to the CAD users (Creo 2.0 and SolidWorks 2014) for them to maintain their client systems.

These users are at remote sites so I need something they can easily follow (less technical jargon than normal PTC guides).

Most users are on Windchill PDMLink 10.1 (M030 ~ M050).

What actions should the CAD users be doing on a weekly bases to help them with performance?


Re: Looking for a CAD users housekeeping guide

Keep workspaces as small as possible

Save your work daily and have automatic upload enabled

Minimize the number of workspaces created

Reboot the workstation daily

Cleanout workspaces and delete them monthly

Never keep a workspace longer than 6 weeks

Re: Looking for a CAD users housekeeping guide

Here is what we have posted to keep our computers running efficiently:

1. WORKSPACE CORRUPTION - (Things that cause problems)

1) Use of the embedded browser Home>Workspaces page to create a new workspace and then activate it. Then exit Pro/E without any further action. The next Pro/E session may be difficult to get a PDMLink page that isn't offline.

2) Delete a workspace and then recreate one with the same name in the same session of Pro/E. It will be a bad workspace.

3) Create a workspace from the embedded browser Home>Workspaces page, activate it and then go directly to 'Search' and add some object to the workspace. This will be a bad workspace when trying to use it later. We have found that this does not occur if workspace is created from the Server Registry or if created in the browser page when the activated workspace page is displayed first before doing search.

4) Workspaces created with the same name as another workspace except for the Upper/Lower case of some characters will share objects with each other. Very confusing

if the user doesn't realize that a similar name workspace already existed.

5) Pro/E exiting via a crash or power interruption will empty the workspace. Fixed in WF2 M210. This was particularly troublesome as we had data lost.

6) Pro/E File>Save operations do not seem to be kept track of properly. Next session of Pro/E will retrieve old versions of objects instead of the last save. Fixed in WF2 M210.

Also lost data with this one.


1. Workspace Names – Short, without punctuation.

2. Workspace Reuse – Not Advisable

3. Workspace Numbers – Keep as few as possible.

4. In Session – Manage Session – Server Management – Cache Tools.

     1. Clear Cache – ONLY when you know the Workspaces are deleted or empty.


1. Option – save_and_upload automatic

2. Manually – Save, then in browser – Upload.

1. Refresh view to confirm.


1. Option – windows_browser_type ie_in_sep_process.


1. Delete these and other CREO Junk files from your C:\Users\____\CREO folder. (default working directory)

2. Clear I.E. Browsing History (Automated), but should be done when your computer slows down.

     1. Exit CREO first; Delete the history, and Oudated.lst, etc.

     2. Restart CREO.

Creo is an endless adventure: I have learned, created and shared. I will continue learning, creating and sharing,.

Re: Looking for a CAD users housekeeping guide

Thanks Kevin,

Are those steps true for Creo 2.0?