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Creo Illustrate / Import native Creo Parametric CAD files from Windchill

Creo Illustrate / Import native Creo Parametric CAD files from Windchill

All in the title


Today (2016) , we are unable to import native CAD Files from Windchill in Creo Illustrate. ( We can from disk )






Hello Vincent,

I'm not sure that would be an advance for Illustrate; let me explain my mind:

without Windchill, when you import a native parametric file into Illustrate, or View it's almost the same, you expand time to open the assembly (there is a sort of convertion to creo view file in background) and you lose all attributes, sometimes needed for the illustration.

I think you will have a better use if you custom the publish service to create a post-publication and have a PVZ file available in Windchill.

with this best practice, you also can manage the PVZ evolution if you choice a manual post-publication.



Hi Ronan

Yes i know that but in my case, PVZ is an unnecessary additional data to be generated, managed and stored.

We have tested native Creo Files for a month and no problem of attributes or whatever.

I think I should have the choice.



I'm agree that you can have the choice!

but I'm surprise about what you say: you can see the parts attributes in CREO ILLUSTRATE when you import a native file?

could you also have the orientations, exlpode states and combined views?

I come to try, and I do not have anything of this, plus I cannot update the DATA...

this is what I have in Parametric, after a modification:


and what I see in Illustrate:



Yes you have right Ronan , same here, need import pvz to see attributes... ( Another Idea maybe CS143270) But no need them for now that's the reason i have not detected this issue functionality

I do not think this idea will be read and applied by PTC, I just feel that the tool is not finished and this is my 2 cent.

Thanks for your interest.


Hello all together,

we are trying to use Creo Illustrate 3.1, but we have the same problem.

Everything works great when we work local with a pvz or an asm.

Our plan was to use the native files in PDMLink Windchill 10.2, but that is impossible...

So now we import the pvz with the windchill workgroup manager and use that file in Creo Illustrate.

This workaround is not really the best solution and we don't want to work local.

We just reach an impasse.

If anybody has an other idea, please tell me?

Kind regards


Hi Johannes,

you have to apply a publish rule to your CAD Worker to post-publish tha assembly; that creates automatically the PVZ file as a dynamic document, and it's linked to the asm.


Hi Ronan,

we are already publishing pvz Files with the CAD Worker.

Our systemadmin told us that the published pvz is embedded and not useable with Creo Illustrate.

So his advice is to publish an another pvz in a separated windchill directory.

If we do a workflow like this, we have to publish all relevant Assemblies every night, because if some subassembly change, the mainassembly pvz wouldn't take notice of that.

To cut a long story short, we are not satisfied with the PDMLink system.

Now we are use the workaround with the import - export.

In the near future we would like to use the automatic published pvz, but this will slow down our system-performance.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards.



We are also trying to use Creo Illustrate 3.1 (datecode M010) together with PTC Windchill (10.2 M030-CPS19) and PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager (10.2 M030-CPS18). Our plan was to import native .prt and .asm files from Windchill to Creo Illustrate, creating a link to the original file and then make assembly animations from them. If some changes were made to the original files, the updates would also carry over to the illustrations in .c3di files. However, this is impossible, because the files have to be downloaded locally to hard drive from Windchill and the links to the original files are thereby lost. Creo Illustrate does, however, support importing of .stp-files from Windchill. This is not an optimal solution either, because we would have to create duplicates from the original files in .stp file format and changes made to the original files would not carry over. We are not satisfied with the compatibility of Creo Illustrate and Windchill, because we can not work with PTC:s own native file formats. At the moment, if we would like to apply changes made in the original models located in Windchill to the parts used in Creo Illustrate, same work would have to be done twice, which is not acceptable. I hope that PTC will find a way to import native files in Creo Illustrate from Windchill, as working locally is not a viable option.

Best regards,


I have the same issues as everyone has mentioned and would like PTC to investigate an updateable link between the content generated in Creo Illustrate and the source Creo 3D CAD file.

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