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2 Drawing Queries


2 Drawing Queries

I have hit upon two difficulties when using the Dreaded (by me, at least)
Detailing function of Pro/E today:

1.Male Cosmetic Threads
I want to show the minor diameter lines on a side view of a male thread. The
thread is created as a cosmetic feature. I do not want to show hidden
When I set my View, Display to 'No Hidden', my male cosmetic thread
disappears (so, too do the hidden female thread features and holes,
reasonably enough).
I don't remember having this difficulty in the past. Perhaps I have
something set wrong. How do I show male cosmetic threads, but not all the
other hidden clutter?

2. Stacked BOM Balloons
The standard here is to use Simple BOM balloons (no quantity). The standard
is also to stack associated BOM balloons, so, for example, if item 1 is a
screw, 2 a flat washer, 3 a nut and 4 some thread locker, there would be one
arrow with four BOM balloons at the end of it, containing, respectively, 1,
2, 3 and 4. However,, I can only find out how to stack quantity BOM
balloons. Am I understanding things correctly? Is it really only possible to
merge/stack BOM balloons if they contain the quantity value?
One suggestion I have received is that I should manually create lots of
little circles and type numbers inside them. The idea fills me with horror,
but, if the customer wants stacked, Simple BOM balloons and Pro/E
arbitrarily limits stacking to Quantity balloons only, I can't see I have an
alternative. Is it possible to show Stacked, Simple BOM balloons, either in
this release or in future versions?
If not, perhaps now is the time to become a postman, or a tree surgeon -
anything but go back to drawing squiggles...

Down with Drawings!

Wildfire 2 M220

I hope I am missing the obvious, which, let's face it, is usually the case!


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1. There is a dtl file option "hlr_for_threads" you can set that to no
if you want to leave the hidden lines for threads to display.

2. To my knowledge, you can only stack quantity balloons
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