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Accessing 'Used By' information from Pro/E


Accessing 'Used By' information from Pro/E

Pro/E wildfire 3.0 M200
PDMLink 8.0 M030

I was wondering if there is a way to let users quickly access 'used by'
information about active model in pro/e session. Currently to get to
this, user has to either browse to model information page or search for
it. The select 'Used by' link to get to the information. It will be
greate if we could create a Mapkey that will look at the active model's
file name, performa a search in PDMLink and get to the details page or
better yet 'used by' page. Thanks in advance for your input.


Yugendra Bhide
Design Engineer
Norse Dairy Systems
Columbus, Oh

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For what it's worth Yugendra,

Here is a trick that I use to retrieve this information from PDMLink. When a document is up to date, you can access the button "Send To --> Mail Recipient (as Link)"


I click this button and use the address in the email to open the details page in a browser.

So... Pro-E has the address and a browser, is there a more efficient way to achieve this?

Best wishes,