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Cross Section Planes


Cross Section Planes

Hello all,

In the past I have successfully redefined a plane used by a cross section
and the xsect updates to where I want. Assuming that I did that in 2001, I
should be able to do that today as I am still on 2001, that is also assuming
that I can find the plane that controls the xsect. I have been combing the
tools I know of to link a datum plane to its xsect name - but the only way I
have found to do it is to try to delete a plane and if the plane is driving
a sect, there will be a warning that 'sect x will be deleted'. Does anyone
know of another way to find out what plane is driving a given xsect?

I am in an assembly and most likely made a datum on the fly as I was
creating the sect. I remember having an assy that regenerated every time I
breathed, and PTC told me (I sent them the model) that it was a datum plane
early in the assy that lost its ref and was frozen. This caused Pro to want
to regen all the time. The solution was to delete the plane - I am now
thinking that I could have rerouted it as well. The only way to do that was
to select by FEAT ID - which showed up in the message log as a frozen
feature warning. In my current assembly, I searched in model info for the
sect name, but that only gave me the list of xsects - not a link to a
driving plane. The message log is listing 11 datums that have been frozen.
I can assume that at least most of these datums are driving xsects and I
would like to investigate where these planes are, which xsects they drive
and either secure them or delete them to clean up the model. I did a search
in model info for the ID of one of the frozen datums and sure enough, it
told me that the feature was on the 'xsect-datums' layer. But there was no
reference to the actual xsect name.

Also, is there a way to show these datums in my tree? If they were shown in
the tree, I could at least right click delete to see if a xsect will be

Thanks for your help.

Nathan Rollins
BearsFeat Consulting Services
175 Nichewaug Road
Petersham, MA 01366

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