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Fluid Flow/Thermal Analysis Software


Fluid Flow/Thermal Analysis Software

I need a fluid flow/thermal analysis package that can do the following
for water flowing through a complicated heat exchanger:

Must Have:
- Calculate Pressure Drop
- Perform thermal analysis (convection) based on the flow of the fluid

Would be nice:
- Show velocity profiles throughout the model

What works well with Pro/E?
Are any of the packages out there associative with Pro/E or do you have
to recreate your analysis model each time?
What is easy to use but also gives you accurate results?
What is the cost for such a package? (I would only need one copy)

Thanks for the help, I will post a summary.

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I've studied up on and seen some very powerful possibilities with CFDesign
from Blue Ridge Numerics.

Works in Pro/E, like a plug in . . . .

Fluid Flow/Thermal Analysis SoftwareCFdesign is a YES to all your questions
below. I think it is one of the few packages that you can buy ($20k) rather
than lease. I've been using it with great success for about 2yrs now with
Pro/E and Mechanica. I've been using it for cooling and purge flow analysis
in optical systems as well as servo valve and plasma etching torch design
optimization. It works like Linked Mode Mechanica so you can make changes
to the model in Pro/E without loosing your FEA definition. The few models
that I have measured test data for show good correlation.

---Jim Holst
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