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Getting close w/curves


Getting close w/curves

So far I've gotten some good stuff but now I need some more help to finish up the process.

I have a curve (c1) made from an equation that I need to sweep along another curve (c2) made by equation and leave a surface in it's wake. I know that CATIA can do such things but I have not figured out how to do it in Pro/E.

The other option is to run the equation for c1 as a equation inside the sweep but when I try to do that it wont accept a sketcher CSYS only an existing one so all I get is an extruded surf.

Is there some function of trajpar I could use? Some how use the equation instead of graph?

Dan Schurr
CAD Facilitator
EATON Corporation
13100 E. Michigan Ave.
Galesburg, MI 49053
tel: 269-342-3236
fax: 269-746-6236

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