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Layout of Parts


Layout of Parts

A concept kind of question,

I have a part I need to model where it makes sense to design the part in its
deformed state as this is the state which set the geometry contrants. Then I
use relations to define the free geometry with respect to the dimensions
established in the deformed state and bot staes are shown in the drawing as
much of the part is machined with the part in deformed (compressed) state.
These two states of the part are implemented as two instances in a family
table (I am a big fan of family tables and probably over-use) and as I said
I use relations to determine dimensions of features in the free state with
respect to those established for compressed state - even though the
compressed state features are largely surpressed in the free state instance.

The above seems a very contrived and confusing way to handle this and so I
am thinking about reworking this and using sketched datums to do layouts of
each state, again with relations establishing dimensions of free state
layout with respect to compressed state layout and then use datums to drive
respective features.

I've used Layout function in the past and found it too cumbersome - I don't
like the way the layout is a separate file with links to model and the
drawing tools suck too much.

Suggestion to PTC:
Take a cue from Autodesk and programming software - Model, Relations, Family
Table, Drawing and Layout should all be separate "tabs" open/accessible
concurrently with a "project". The "layout" would simply be html notes
explaining the model methodolgy as needed with imbedded images of 2D layout
- CAD file TIF or whatever.

I suppose I should become familiar with use of flexible part function - is
this the way to go with this?

Any suggestions?


Jared Bryan
Power Container Corp

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