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Mechanica Independent mode help...


Mechanica Independent mode help...


I'm a long time Mechanica user, but essentially in integrated mode.
Lately, I've been challenged by more complex problems where I believe
independent mode might be beneficial. So I am looking for written help.
Something like the Help Topics CD would be great (never have found
Mechanica in the help topics cd we have...). We are still on 2001, and
I think Wildfire stuff might be pretty different, or is it???? Maybe
there are some "text books" out there? Don't need to learn FEA, just
the "buttons", so to speak of PTC Mechanica independent mode and just
Structure. I use MDO for any motion stuff nowadays.

Thanks, I'll post a summary...

Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV Engine Technology
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI, 48326

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The IRNs (Interactive Release Notes) are quite a good way of seeing what's
been introduced in different packages in recent versions. The starting page
tells you what will be new in Wildfire 3 when it's released this month:

But more useful to you - you can see what you're missing in WF1 and WF2 and
can sort in by package or functional area.
e.g. New in Wildfire 1 Structural & Thermal simulation - 30 development
projects - biggest ever release of Mechanica:

What makes you think that you need independent mode? Very few reasons to
do this these days. Allows you you 'lift the covers' but makes things much
more tedious.

I've used Mechanica since v4 and so remember the days when integrated mode
didn't even exist. If you fly to England or pay for me to fly to Auburn
Hills I'l give you 1-on-1 tuition on independent mode!

Roger Toogood does some nice tutorial books and some of the older ones were
done for independent mode.

David Reid
Optima Design Services Ltd
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