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No leaders on BOM balloons


No leaders on BOM balloons

When we create BOM balloons (from repeat region) on one of our drawings,
a few of the balloons do not have a leader.
Upon further investigation, we find that the balloon itself is attached
to the assembly component.
We can move the balloon, sliding it along the attached edge, but nothing
When we attempt to reattach the balloon, no leader is introduced.
The balloon simply gets attached again.

We then deleted the balloon, and attempted to re-create it.
Pro/E goes through the motions, but a replacement/new balloon is not
created on any view.

The drawing view (that we are trying to apply the balloons) is an offset
section (area, not total).

Any advise on how to correct this behavior, or stop it from happening?

Gerry Champoux Williams International
Lead Engineer 2280 E. West Maple Road
Information Technology Walled Lake, MI 48390
(248) 624-5200, x2816 (248) 960-2607 (fax)
Pro/E WildFire 3 M050
Intralink 3.4, M030

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