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Response Summary: IntraLink/PDMLink Migration Curve


Response Summary: IntraLink/PDMLink Migration Curve

Thanks to everyone for your insightful replies:
I am a Data Management Consultant. I work primarily on Pro/Intralink and
the Windchill Solutions.

The unfortunate answer is that predicting the conversion of a legacy
database is very difficult. The problem is NOT the process of importing
records, that occurs smoothly. The problem is the current state of the
files outside of a data management tool.
Even when assured by the customer, I typically find that the "Production"
area of file is wrong, missing, won't regenerate, etc.
That is the main problem in the conversion process. The second problem is
poor renaming technique (100% solved by these tools). The third problem is
poor maintenance of family tables (more, less, different instances).

I would be happy to discuss this topic with you in detail. I would STRONGLY
encourage you to choose the PDMLink tool if you are currently using file
based management at this time.

Please feel free to call me.
We recently have migrated to Intralink 3.1 and are now making the plans
necessary to move to PDMLink 7.0.
There are some big variables in your "how long" to migrate question.
1) The skill set of your user base: Good Pro users are a lot quicker to pick
up the necessity and power of the
Intralink tool
2) Your processes: If you have a very Process Centric and disciplined work
environment already (which Intralink forces) your conversion will be much
3) The quality of your current Data: If you have multiple pockets of data,
you will have problems, if every one works out of the same pool, your
migration will go much easier
4) Family Tables: PDM systems don't like Multi-level family tables.
All your family table parts will need to be change to one level deep
for the best results.
We have recently converted pro/pdm to intralink , we didn't use pro/convert
as it was going to expensive with no gaurantee of success. So we converted
the latest of each object manually. The migration took 100 hrs for 60,000

It also took quite a long time setting up users, access groups folders etc
as we have 150 users 30 minor and 5 major projects. plus getting new servers
set up etc (about 6 months elapsed time).

Our users seem to like it because they haven't complained (one of their
favourite pastimes). Intralink offers a number of advantages of Pro/PDM :-
better renaming, undo capability (with frames), simpler view setup, more
powerful search function.

The two weeks following migration were hard just from the number of help
calls mainly assiting users to import files that were not in PDM even though
they were told to submit everything prior to migration. We are now into our
fourth week post migration and the numbers of calls has really dropped off.
I just did a new install and configuration of Intralink 3.3 for one of our
GD divisions in CA. The installation and configuration took ~2.5 days
including a day of discussions about how they would like to configure/use
the software. That was the easy part. The hard part is importing your
legacy data.... All of those duplicate file names your users have been using
are going to be a nightmare. If you would like some additional info or
advice, your welcome to give me a call. I also a list of tasks to configure
Intralink which is reasonably complete.
Maybe you remember me, I interviewed at Payload a year or so ago.

We implemented Intralink in late January and I assumed Admin duties <aaargh>
(we were using ProPDM) and hired a consultant to do the conversion, but it
would pretty much be the same for those with no data management tool.

The important thing to remember about Intralink is that all files will be in
a vault. They are either there or not. It will be the dependancies that
will have to be dealt with when you implement. Get a good consultant - we
did, and he is independent of PTC.

Intralink/Wildfire has been a mixed bag. Some good, some not so good, but
overall the good outweighs the bad, especially frames and preview panes for
things in the commonspace, and the ability to run complex reports - and find
things quickly. And for you, of course - to check out an assembly and all
the parts arrive - no more search paths.

Go to Admin school, train your users - MANDATORY.

If I can be of any assistance - let me know.
And last but not least submitted by Carl:
Its either now or later. Later will be more difficult.
~~~~~~End of Summary~~~~~~

If you have more questions, feel free to give me a call.
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