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SUMMARY: BOM balloon question


SUMMARY: BOM balloon question

Thanx for the many quick answers.

Here were the choices and what I could tell about them.

1. Use the 'SPLIT' command. Essentially this appears to create
multiple QTY balloons that you can distribute the QTY values of.

a. I have simple balloons, so this didn't work.

2. Use 'Add Reference Balloon'

a. This creates a second balloon, but it has REF under it. Still
not what I wanted.

3. Use 'Create Balloon>By Comp' This creates a balloon for each
component you select.

a. This works, and would be the solution if I only need one or
two balloons.

4. Use 'Create Balloon>Show All' --THIS IS THE WINNER!!!

a. When you select this, if you already have balloons, you get
this warning...

by selecting OK, it puts balloons on ALL the components in the table.

Simple enough, if you know how...

Thanx again for the quick response...



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