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SUMMARY: Changing orientation of BOM table...


SUMMARY: Changing orientation of BOM table...


I received about 5 replies to this message , and several others that told me
that they have occasion to do this all the time, with no way to do this.

4 of them said that this CANNOT be done, AND most of them had talked to PTC
about the problem, and PTC's response was that it cannot be done. ALL

However, one respondent gave me hope, and said to do the following:
Table/Repeat Region/Sort Regions/<select region=">/Add/Forward or Backward. I
tried this, sounding like this would work. However, this did NOT work. All
this did for me was just to sort my region by part number, FORWARDS or
BACKWARDS. This did NOT make the header go to the bottom, and sort from

I poked around a little more, and I finally couldn't find anything that
looked like it was what I needed in the Table menu. I consulted Help again,
just to make sure that I didn't miss anything. Nothing. On a whim, I
rotated my table 180deg, and selected the text in the table to see if I
could do anything with the text!! VIOLA!!! I noticed that the text now had
an angle of 180deg!! I changed all the text back to an angle of 0, and now
I have a flipped table. This is VERY VERY close to what I want, BUT, it's
still not right, becuase I would like the index on the left, and the qty on
the right. I'll probably use this, but I would still like this to be
correct. (I included a pic at the bottom so that you can see what it looks
like now , but it may be hard to see because of the size limitation)


Like I said in my original posting, this is the first time that I've had to
do this. In this instance, I only had 13 items to deal with. HOWEVER, we
often have drawings that have 50 items on them. If I had to competely
delete that BOM, and put back on ALL 50 of those bubbles, I would be livid!
These are the kind of things that on the surface seem very trivial, but they
are the kind of things that drive me crazy about Pro/E! I would think that
a modern day CAD system should be able to handle something like just by
clicking on the table, and saying "Reverse Direction", and it would be done.
As it is, my work around is 2 rotations, and selection of all of the text to
change the angle, AND after all that, it's still not perfect!! This is
nothing more than a VERY VERY SIMPLE MIRROR command. AutoCAD had this
command in version 2.5! How can a modern day CAD package not be able to
mirror 2D geometry? Aaaahhhh... The table is not DRAFT geometry. Fine.
In this instance, why can it NOT be treated as 2D geometry. It appears FLAT
to me. I'm no programmer, (and I realize that I'm grossly oversimplifying
this), but this seems way too simple on the surface. PTC has concentrated
on giving us the best 3D tool out there, but detailing still falls behind in
many categories. Is a 3D package without decent detailing the OVERALL best
package? We still have to communicate these 3D ideas to someone who
typically uses 2D information to get the job done. The fact that we have to
start over is ridiculouos. Things like this, IMO, are a gross oversight on
PTC's part.

I guess that I'm fortunate , that in this case, this was the first time
that I've ever had to do this. Hopefully, with all luck, it will be the



Original message ======

I've never had a need to do this until today, and I can't for the life of me
figure out how to do this.

Our BOM tables are always inserted from the top down. We have a predefined
definition that we always use. Now I need to do one from the bottom up. I
can start over with the table definitions, but I was hoping that there was
some way that I could place my "standard" table and then change it so that
it comes from the bottom up.

I found the rotate function, BUT that truly does a rotate, and then
everything is upside down. That's not what I want. I searched help, but it
didn't offer much help.

Is there a way to convert an existing table, or do I just have to start with
a new table definition?

WF 2.0 M220

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With Wildfire 4.0, it is suppose to focus on detailing all together. One
of the reasons that the detailing was always looked over was PTC always
pushed for drawing-less models and everything would be seen in the 3d
image. In the real world to many people still deal with 2d drawing to
convey to manufacturing design intent. I am hoping they do a lot of
changes functionally in the tables and hopefully it will get placed in
WF 4.0. Cross your fingers.

Rick LyBarger Jr

Design Draftsman
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