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Siesmic Analysis


Siesmic Analysis

Hello All,

I'm interested in doing some Seismic analysis on a mechanism I am considering.

Ok here are the questions to answer:

Will the motor be able to be input to simulate earth motion? (assuming I can
find something on Seismic recordings) I see there are some controls, is there
a way to input either, position vs time: velocity vs time and acceleration vs
time data points for components in X, Y, & Z? If not is there an accepted
simpler method that would be valid?

How much load gets transferred - make the design safe, doesn't need to fall on

Will the mechanism get into a natural frequency, and really start displacing
and impacting whatever gets in its way?

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main question: will Pro/Mech do this?

Erik Peterson
Sr. Product Engineer

P.O. Box 1967 / CD-5E
Grand Rapids, Mi 49501-1967


Could you please clarify if you are running and Seismic/Structural or a Seismic/MECHANISM analysis. Both are two different animals which will provide you with different answers mainly because in mechanisms the underlaying assumption is that all parts and joints are infinitely rigid, therefore, the only modal frequency capture is due to the degrees of freedom of the mechanism (first mode).

Now if you are analyzing a building or structure which will be subject to a seismic load you can always use the dynamic shock functionality in Pro/MECHANICA. You will have to enter a shock spectrum forcing function. The failure criteria will be von mises for a ductile material.



There is suggested Technique for Setting Up and Running a Dynamic Shock Analysis in the PTC customer support website.

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