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WF3 strange behaviour with curves copied


WF3 strange behaviour with curves copied

Pro-E favoritesI'm working with a network of curves in a part and building style feature snapped on them.
Those curves are comming from an other part and have been copied in an assembly.

I noticed several very strange behaviour of proe WF3 (currently M060), offently a shut-down...

For example :
I have 3 curves that are functions 50, 51 and 52
They have been copied from an other part in an assembly that is in memory or not (produce the same behaviour).

I have a style feature that is the function 60.
This function is made of some curves that are snapped on the previous curves.

All is OK but, for example :
- when I want th move the style feature in the tree I have a "shortcut icon" a very short time and then a proe crash.
- when I make a group with the style feature (60), it moves just before function numbered 50 !
(style is child but before in the tree...)
so I have :
num 50 : group
that contain functuon 61
num 51 : first curve (previously 50)
When I ungroup, my function come back to it's place.

I have this phenomenon with several functions, not just one.
I delete 2 of them and buid them again and the problem is still there.

In few words, my method is below :
- I have an assembly made of several parts (source parts and one working part)
- several "source" parts contain scanning datas (stl import)
- in thoses parts, I've made curves snapped on the scanning datas within a style function.
- in the assembly, I copied thoses curves into my working part.
- the problem I've just explain is in this working part (when I snap a style function on those copied curves).
I could completely rebuild this part from a blanked one but is this method safe and secure ?

Well, I have strange behaviours and don't know why :
- Is my copy method very bad ?
- Is my part file corrupted (but method ok) ?

Before continuing to work, I have to know what I have to change.

Thanks for any advices, I really don't know what to do,
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