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hole table


hole table

Has anyone used the hole table function in a drawing?
I've read it only works on "drilled holes." This drawing I'm working on has
both straight holes (aka drilled in PTC speak?), and both tapped and
clearance standard holes. The hole table accounted for only some of the
straight holes. I would imagine if it's only capable of listing straight
holes that it would list ALL of them?

Any thoughts...comments?


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Lyle, All Datum Axes will place a table with an X,Y dim for EVERY hole in
the part assuming it has an axis. However, it will not label the holes.


All of the holes on my particular part were via the hole creation box I used
"straight, tapped and clearance" all on the same part.and in the drawing the
hole table listed only some of the straight holes.which again, since it's
just a round hole is what they are referring to "drilled holes" in the help
files. It's totally crazy that A. the help files explicitly state only
"drilled holes" will be represented in the output table while in actuality I
can only get some of them to show (ill point out a little documentation
FUBAR with them using "drilled holes" in the docs and "straight hole" in the
software) B. All legacy apps I've seen create a hole chart and
include..astonishingly ALL things hole!

I'll hide this little SOAPBOX story in this posting as not to draw too much
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Hi Corey,

SmartHolechart for Pro/ENGINEER is plug-in software for Pro/E that handles
any type of hole, no matter how it is created, even if it is imported data.
It will also handle slots and irregular shapes. For more info and demo
movies on SmartHolechart click this link: