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summary - Pro/Animate


summary - Pro/Animate

Here is a summary of what I learned so far...

Pro/E Foundation does have animation built into it's Mechanism module. But,
it does not seem to do / show flexible components.

Using Mechanica was suggested as a work-around.

Grabbing several screen shots and knitting them into a gif was another

The real solution is to use a package like Modo or Okino or

Too much fun, not enough time...

Thanks for your help - again!



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Also try using Blender for Animation. The Import dialog claims to
import Pro-E .slp files along with .3ds, .stl, .dxf, etc...

Christopher Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317
PH: 724.941.5540
FX: 724.941.8322

The best format I've found to work is wave "obj". It is triangulation
based like the others but has worked more consistently and also includes
a materials file .mtl that transfers colors over.


Alfonso Medina O.
Mechanical Engineer

Blender works well with .obj format exported from Pro/e. (wavefront
.obj) The geometry can be heavy depending on how nice you'll want the
models to look.

Brian Nobles
Section Leader - Virtual Design
Belcan Corporation AETD
Cary, NC 27518

And I got a fix for that. Thake a look, I thought about it just now and
it so works! It is incredible.

Got to pro/e open the part. Save as a step file or STL if you want.
Then open GMSH (an FEA meshing program also open source like blender)
and open that file up. Here we'll take the junk of the STL triangles and
re-triangulate them using the 2-d meshing button. Open the options and
make sure your maximum length is relative to what you want (distance
between the points). Then just hit the button. Then go save as STL and
import it in Blender.

This then allows you to use the cool features on blender where you can
take a way detail in some parts and add detail in others. The meshes are
1000,000 times better than dealing with the slender triangles that STL
makes (or OBJ in this case too). And you can mold things around because
the mesh is very uniform.

What do you think?


Alfonso Medina O.
Mechanical Engineer

I like it. Going from a 3d mesh to 2d mesh would be a nice feature to
have. I can imagine how much geom reduction you'll have. I'll have to
check it out when I get some time.


Brian Nobles
Section Leader - Virtual Design
Belcan Corporation AETD
Cary, NC 27518

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