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Browser version of the servigistics arbortext editor

Browser version of the servigistics arbortext editor


as you know it is normal today to do everything web-based within a browser.

Our customers also would like to edit xml-content in a browser, without any need of extra software like Servigistics Arbortext Editor. 

You cannot find a performant and user friendly xml-editor within a browser. You can implement an own xml-editor for example with HTML 5, but this is time consuming and at the end not user friendly like Arbortext Editor.

Can anyone tell us, if it is planned from PTC in the future to integrate the Servigistics Arbortext Editor in a browser?

Ideally without further system requirements, so that a customer can edit with only a browser.


We think, that would be a very important enhancement for the Arbortext Editor.


Greetings from germany


There are a few web-based XML editors (e.g. FontoXML) but none are directly integrated with Windchill, and none have the feature level of Arbortext. I heard rumour PTC is working on a new web-based editor but I don't know much more than that. In the past they have had web-based editors (e.g. Arbortext Contributor) but none have really hit the spot. BTW, I'm not sure if it is still supported, and it had plenty of limitations, but there used to be an ActiveX (OCX) version of Arbortext Editor.

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We agree that a browser-based XML Editor that interoperates with Arbortext Editor and Windchill would be good.  The in-house project is not still active, but we are hoping to work with a partner to provide some web-based Editing capabilities.

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