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Improvements for docmap

Improvements for docmap


** 1 **

When I've the docmap and editwindow open and my cursor is inside a table in the editwindow, in the docmap, the table is only expanded till tgroup and not further.

I need to click, click, click, until the whole subtree is expanded.

It would be appreciated to have additional navigation capabilities in the docmap window, such as

- auto-expand depending on the cursor

- expand complete subtree

Of course these features should be turned on and off.

** 2 **

When working in the docmap, it would be very helpfull to have the following options when expanding/collapsing elements in addition to the current expand/collapse current tree:

- expand/collapse complete subtree => should expand the whole structure down, including all child-elements

- expand/collapse all sibling-elements of same type => should expand/collapse all elements of the same type, such as chapter, on the same depth-level.

- expand/collapse all sibling-elements of any type on same level => like above, but not restricted to a special type.

** 3 **

When working in Editor with the docmap and the normal edit window, the cursor or text selections from the edit window, are only shown when the cursor is in scope of the text visible in the docmap itself. When using no wrapping, the docmap highlightning/cursor position is easily lost, especially in longer text passages.

The product idea is: The docmap should always highlight the current elements/tree structure, in which the cursor is placed inside the edit-window.

The benefit: quicker and better navigation in larger documents.

Thank you very much,

your WindchillTeam@DATACOPY

Note for PTC: Legacy E8221420 & E8222296 & E8224341

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