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ACL Documentation in PDF format


ACL Documentation in PDF format

A zipped library of Epic documentation in PDF format used to be
available for download from Arbortext.

I've searched the PTC website for a PDF library of the Arbortext 5.2
documentation without any success. There are only a few individual PDF
documents available. I'm looking specifically for the ACL

Does anyone know if the PDF format documents are still available and if
so, where they can be found?



David S. Taylor

Project Manager, Structured Information
Institute for Research in Construction
National Research Council Canada
Bldg. M-23A, Room 239
1200 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6


Are you talking about the Programmer's Guide? That should be part of
the Arbortext Editor installation, in the "docs" folder in the Editor
installation tree.

Hi Ed,

The Programmer's Guide has a lot of good information about using ACL in
conjunction with several other 'languages' but isn't what I was looking

The four principal documents I am thinking of are:

Working with the Arbortext Command Language
ACL Reference - Commands
ACL Reference - Functions
ACL Reference - set Commands

The last versions I have are for Arbortext 5.1.



If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed, you can always
pick a topic in the online help, click on the print button, select
"Print the selected heading and all subtopics" (which is usually what
you want), and then select the Adobe PDF printer.

Not quite as nice but immediate gratification counts for something.

John Dreystadt
Software Development Director
Arbortext - PTC



No, Ed, I remember the thing he's referring to. It's basically the Editor help content, but rendered for print instead of online help. It probably ended up in the same place as those missing namespace documents....

I poked around on my system thinking I might have a copy of it somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Sorry.



To the best of my knowledge, Arbortext Epic Version 5.1 was the last set of help documentation files built in PDF. I say that becuase I, like you, have always kept a set of the documentation on hand going back as fare as 4.1. The file used to be available as and doc_src.pdf. I managed to get a copyof the for 5.2, but that was the last of it as well. I've asked several people in the community and have not gotten an answer as to why this process was stopped. For that matter, I have an entire set of the documentation printed for 5.1. I could created it with 5.2 since I have a set of the source files, but it is tedious.

I'm hoping, due to the wide desimination of this reply, that someone else may know why the files are no longer built.


David (and, hopefully, someone from PTC/User),

Any chance of making available what you do have? Don't know how big it
is, but I'm confident it's too large to attach to a mailing.

Even something outdated from 5.1 to 5.2 is far better than nothing at
all, which is what I currently have. Came on the scene too late in the
game to have discovered those files before they disappeared.

Any help greatly appreciated,
Steve Thompson
When the only tool you have is a hammer,
Everything looks like a hard disk...

Howdy Adepters,

As other folks have noted, we PTC/Arbortext) haven't shipped PDF
versions of this info in several releases. Don't be surprised, however,
if you see a repackaging of this info in a coming release. (Recalling
what PG would often say about "Forward looking statements.....")

In the meantime, I've published the 5.3 M030 ACL-related help source
that David mentioned to PDF and posted it to the PTC/User community web
site in the Files\Public Files Areas\Arbortext section. A direct link

W00t! Dan, you *are* the man! Thanks a ton for making this available.

What does "W00t!" mean? I'm just not hip, I guess.

Apparently, "hip" may not have been the right word.

Yes, it's more or less the opposite of "hip". 🙂