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Announcing Epic 4.3!


Announcing Epic 4.3!

Dear Adepters,

As part of Arbortext's commitment to continual product improvement, we are
pleased to announce the Epic 4.3 product release. We will publicly announce
this release today.

Because of our commitment to our existing customers, we’ve sent this to you
to make sure you are aware of all the product improvements that will be
included with the release. As you’ll see by the list below, this release is
focused on easing customizing Epic and speeding the implementation of our

This release provides the following key improvements over the 4.2 release:

For developers
* Easier document type configuration through the consolidation of the most
frequently used configuration files into one XML file that you can edit
using Epic
* Easier application deployment through a new directory structure for
* Simple, one-step customization of new fonts on Windows and improved font
customization on Unix
* Improved HTML publishing with easier and faster setup of complex
* Easier creation of dynamic dialogs, reducing the cost of implementation
* Improved Arbortext Object Model (AOM) that extends the Document Object
Model (DOM) and provides greater access to Epic functionality
* Support for ActiveX controls launched in a separate window
* Additional scripting support for VBScript and JScript, which provides more
options for accessing AOM/DOM and customizing Epic
* XPath support
* Support for various character encodings for HTML composition that conform
to industry practices for non Latin-1 languages
* Easy configuration of Word-like toolbars for all document types
* XSL-FO improvements
* Added a “Getting Started Guide for Programmers” manual

For authors
* Real-time spell checking
* Improved data validation with the introduction of XML Schema support
* Delivering additional repository support with an adapter for FileNET
* Print composition in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Epic 4.3 will be delivered during the summer of 2002. As we get closer to
the release date, we will update you on when we expect to ship this release,
as well as how you can access the release notes.

We are very pleased to bring you this new release. If you have any
questions, please contact your local account representative or contact our
Ann Arbor offices via phone at +1 734.997.0200 or via email at

We appreciate your continuing support.

Mike Sundquist
Product Marketing Manager
Arbortext, Inc.
1000 Victors Way
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
734.327.6036 - Phone
734.623.6109 - Fax


We are only certifying Epic Editor on XP Professional. We expect that
both the editing and print composer functionality will work on XP Home
but we are not certifying that platform.

John Dreystadt